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This page is the Art subject page on the 2008/9 Schools Wikipedia. This category includes both Art and and a sub-category of Artists. The Art section includes a general article on Art, and more than forty other articles on different types of art, some famous paintings and the history of painting. The Artists listed includes articles about 40 prominent artists from Andy Warhol to Manet! Design is a related category, where for example Architecture can be found.

Abstract art Aesthetics Art
Art Nouveau Arts and crafts Baroque
Brush Buddhist art Calligraphy
Constructivism (art) Cubism Drama
Drawing Expressionism Fine art
Four Times of the Day History of painting Impressionism
Italian Renaissance Jewellery Kitsch
Louvre Mona Lisa Mosaic
National Gallery (London) Neoclassicism Oil painting
Painting Photography Pottery
Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood Printmaking Rococo
Sculpture Sistine Chapel ceiling Stained glass
Tate Textile The Last Supper (Leonardo)
Visual arts Watercolor painting Western painting
White Mountain art Young British Artists