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Portal pages are another way of learning about topics. They collect snippets of a lot of articles and themes together on a topic (like, say, Medieval Britain) and allow you to get an overview of how well the topic is covered here. Wikipedia has introduced Portal pages recently and the content on them is a mixture of projects (helping people become involved in improving Wikipedia) and content. Here we have taken just the content out.

Portal:Africa Portal:Algebra Portal:Ancient Egypt
Portal:Ancient Greece Portal:Ancient Rome Portal:Anglicanism
Portal:Asia Portal:Astronomy Portal:Bangladesh
Portal:Biology Portal:British Empire Portal:Chemistry
Portal:Early Modern Britain Portal:England Portal:Film
Portal:Food Portal:Geography Portal:Hinduism
Portal:History Portal:India Portal:Islam
Portal:Latin America Portal:Law Portal:Literature
Portal:Mammals Portal:Mathematics Portal:Medicine
Portal:Medieval Britain Portal:Physics Portal:Poetry
Portal:Politics Portal:Religion Portal:Science
Portal:Scotland Portal:United Kingdom Portal:Weather